How to make a curved text in Figma

The Figma feature set out of box doesn’t enable you to make a curled or curved text, but since recently decorating the text using the arc plugin has become possible.

Where to download: // 



How to make a text in a circle

1. Enter the text

2. Select the text layer

3. Launch the arc plugin

4. Specify the percentage of rounding using the slider or in the input field

5. Click on Apply

Some peculiarities

1. The plugin splits the text layer into many layers with one letter and groups them

2. The original layer remains

3. The preview doesn’t always show the result correctly:

Предпросмотр изогнутого тектса
The preview of the curved text
Готовый изогнутый текст в Фигме
The finished curved text in Figma

Life hack

To make the text curved asymmetrically, add spaces at the beginning or at the end of the text layer.